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The spine is a delicate structure protecting the vulnerable spinal cord and nerves. Surgery requires a delicate, precise well-planned and executed strategy to optimize recovery. As no two patients are alike an individualized assessment is performed to evaluate your unique situation so that a customized treatment plan can be formulated.

Dr. Rosenstein understands that surgery should be considered as a last resort. He therefore utilizes a full spectrum of conservative treatment measures prior to considering surgical intervention. These include physical therapy, medication, and therapeutic spinal injections. Where medically necessary further diagnostic testing may be considered.

Dr. Rosenstein is dedicated to evaluating complex problems and offering comprehensive solutions with a personal touch. Trained in the latest techniques he and his attentive staff will strengthen your confidence in your healthcare treatment decisions in a professional, pleasing and positive setting. He is committed to providing the highest standard of care as you regain your functional independence.

Your first office visit begins with a thorough history, physical examination, and review of any prior diagnostic testing. You are encouraged to bring all previous medical records including any diagnostic testing and prior operative reports to your first appointment. Once all of the information has been reviewed, treatment options will be presented and discussed in detail. Most neck and low back pain is effectively treated without surgery. Surgery is considered only after extensive conservative treatment   measures have failed.

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