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For over 35 years, Dr. Rosenstein has provided first rate, compassionate care for his patients.
I have had two lower back surgeries by Dr. Rosenstein and have been extremely pleased with both results! I was first hurt at work when I was just 23 years old and was almost completely bed-redden for three months until I was able to get realized from my company doctor and switched over to Dr. Rosenstein. Immediately the team went to work on my case and made sure I had everything I needed to feel better and get moving around again. It took awhile, since my case is through Worker's Compensation, but to this day they still do all they can to fight for me and get me what I deserve. Unfortunately my back got bad again and I had to go back in for a second surgery to get a fusion. This was NOT because something went wrong from the first surgery! I am now almost nine months post-op and feeling great! No more shooting static nerve pain, no more constant hunching over when walking, it's fantastic! I highly recommend this doctor and have already to many people I've met with the same kind of pain I went through. No one should go through that kind or amount of pain and I suggest that even if you think you could have something wrong — GET IT CHECKED OUT! DON'T WAIT!! You will be treated like a person here, not just a case number.
- Suzann Clay
Thank you so much Dr. Rosenstein and team! Sorry for the length of the following, but details are important for something as significant as this surgery. Over the years and as a possible result of my almost 3,000 skydives, I had developed two seriously herniated lumbar disks which were impinging on my spine. The treatments endured so far included steroidal injections, chiropractic manipulation, massage therapy, acupuncture, minimally invasive surgery (diskectomy), physical therapy, exercise, and finally pain management. I quickly realized I was not ready to surrender to ongoing pain management for obvious reasons and decided to get a consult from Dr. Jacob Rosenstein, M.D. of the North Texas Neurosurgical Associates in Arlington, Texas. What a blessing that decision turned out to be! Once the latest baseline was identified via the use of contrasting CT imaging (which I had never had done before), it was quite clear even to the layman that I am, that the problem was not going to fix itself, but would only get worse, ultimately resulting in more permanent nerve damage. Surgery was definitely needed, and, since I was pleased with the result of the carpel tunnel surgery which Dr. Rosenstein had already performed for me years earlier, along with his extensive experience with the back surgery I now needed, he was the clear choice for this. Therefore, Dr. Rosenstein and his team performed the surgery on me at the USMD Hospital in early November of 2018. The overall operation involved removal of both herniated disks, replacement with a synthetic spacer (cage) structure, harvesting and placement of my own bone tissue and marrow into the L3 – L5 disk-vacated areas and back bone stabilization with titanium hardware. The surgery required 7.5 hours under general anesthesia and was masterfully and patiently performed by Dr. Rosenstein and his team, which, by the way, is the same team he uses for all of his procedures. I am a perfectionist, and it is my opinion that this entire process couldn’t have gone better! From the USMD Hospital Staff that attended me before and after the operation, to the anesthesiologist Dr. Steve Penca, and of course Dr. Rosenstein and his team, all work was done slowly and carefully, to get it right. I am now approximately 6 weeks out of the surgery, and expect to begin physical therapy in early February, 2019. All of the previous hip, leg and buttocks pain and numbness is gone, the only remaining discomfort being where the actual healing is taking place in the L3 to L5 area and where the bone was harvested for the graft. I don’t have the words to adequately convey the professionalism, skill and kindness of Dr. Rosenstein and his staff highly enough. For some people my procedure may be the needed remedy, and for others it may be something quite different. But one thing I do know, Dr. Rosenstein is, like me, a perfectionist and a tremendously gifted and experienced surgeon (having performed over 10,000 total surgical procedures) with a great desire to solve problems and to “do no harm”. You will be very happy choosing Dr. Rosenstein and his organization (North Texas Neurosurgical Associates) and USMD Hospital of Arlington. Thank you again, Dr. Rosenstein!!
- Randy Frazier
It has been approximately 13 months since my surgery which involved a lower back fusion from the result of a rear-end accident. I just wanted to take the time to acknowledge Dr. Rosenstein, Olivia, James, and the rest of his incredible staff at North Texas Neurosurgical Consultants for an outstanding job! I was hurting in a bad way and at times, felt like there was no relief in sight. The level of care, insight, and compassion I received while I was under his care was incredible. I am now relatively pain free and looking forward to the future. It is a luxury that I will never take for granted again! I have and will continue to refer others to Dr. Rosenstein. To Dr. Rosenstein and his staff..... Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making me whole again and I appreciate the unmatched level of service and expertise I received while under your care! To others out there dealing with back/neck pain..... Do yourself a favor and go see Dr. Rosenstein! You'll be glad you did!
- Jared Bradford
I don’t know where to begin. Words cannot express how grateful I am to Dr. Rosenstien and his team. After 5 years of pain, 3 years of pain management(pills pills pills), 2 surgeons denying anything was wrong and 2 surgeons doing surgery that only made me worse, I can finally say I’m better than I have been in a long time. I still have a long way to go but if it wasn’t for Dr. Rosenstien I would probably be completely disabled at this point. He worked with me diligently. He was very thorough in his testing and research to get down to the exact problem. He was able to correct the errors of the previous surgeon who was dismissive of my concerns in the exact areas that Dr. Rosenstien ended up repairing. I will never be the same. But thanks to Dr. Rosenstien I’m able to live a semi normal life again most importantly without pain killers. I can’t thank him and his team enough for all their hard work, patience and hours spent battling my insurance to insure I received the care I needed. I will and have recommend him to any and every person in need of a neurosurgeon.
- Ashley Mills
My spine was broke on ambulance duty in Arlington. I went to company doctors who nearly killed me. I went to a Chiropractor/physical therapy office that just made things worse and dragged everything out in order to make money. I had my first surgery done seven months after the injury, and that doctor did a terrible job. I had so many medications shoved down my throat it was unreal. So I searched. I researched. I found Dr Rosenstein. From Johns Hopkins, to teaching at Southwestern, to his own practice and part owner of a surgical hospital, I knew that he could get my spine stability so that I could stay walking. I had to fight for three and a half years against Sedgwick CMS, but I WON. They were dealing with a Mensa member and REAL medical professional as the injured worker. They had private investigators breaking into my home, following my car, even when I wasnt in it, and one touched my daughter. When I signed up with Dr Rosenstein, they didnt stand a chance. He is my hero! I may not have any reflexes anywhere, but I am walking. I dont take meds unless I get a spinal migraine that gets out of control. His entire staff really care, and took the time to fight for me. The other doctor left a very sloppy lumpy scar, and Dr Rosenstein fixed that, and realigned my tattoo. He is absolutely brilliant, and a force to be reckoned with. I am now back in college working on my Ph, D. in Biomedical Tissue Engineering. I cannot meet the physical demands of ambulance duty, but my brain is fine. Thank you so much for giving me a life back, Dr Rosenstein, James, Marisol, and Paula, and everyone in the office!! I love you guys so much, you have no idea!!!
- DJ Jones
This review has been written by my husband, Greg, who has dealt with extreme back and leg pain since 2001. After 3 back surgeries Greg was still in the same pain. The last surgery was in 2016 which didn’t help at all and made it worse. The Neurosurgeon we dealt with was very rude to both my wife and myself. We then found Dr. Jacob Rosenstein who has been a Blessing and he’s very professional. Dr. Rosenstein has an incredible bedside manner and his assistant, Olivia, FNP, is incredible. They always take time explaining and answering all our questions. Greg was faced with a very complicated 4th back surgery to not only correct past issues and to get rid of all the pain he was dealing with, but also needing the surgery for potential paralysis. Dr. Rosenstein also took one more step of writing an appeal to the state of WA, who had denied the much needed surgery. The surgery was then approved and was an 8 hr surgery. After just one month, I am already feeling better and everyday I see more improvement. I look forward in highly recommending Dr. Jacob Rosenstein. Thank you so very much, you’re the greatest!
- Greg Schulte
I have been a patient of Dr. Rosenstein since 1992. I suffered an unfortunate blow - out of my entire low back in 1988. With the help of Dr. R and his staff I was able to make it thru work as a crane/equipment mechanic until 2010. In 2011 Dr. R. performed a flawless L3,4,5, complex fusion. On July 17, 2015 I underwent an 8 hour surgery. Dr. R. removed the hardware in L3,4,5, placed a new disc in L5-S1.I was able to walk out of the hospital on Sunday, July 19th under my own power without the use of a walker, cane. Standing tall, minimal pain! Now I just have to do my part and keep from bending, lifting or twisting! This by the way is the 3rd back surgery performed by Dr. Rosenstein on me! Do not complain about the wait time on appointments, he gives each of his patients the time they need. HEED his recommendations and let him do his thing. Awesome Dr. with an equally awesome staff!! Kudos to all at 800 Arbrook ave, Arlington, Texas
- Davide Cranedoc