Spinal Stenosis


Spinal stenosis is a condition where your spinal canal begins to close off and compress the spinal cord and nerves that reside inside of it. It can occur anywhere in the spine including your neck, mid-back, and low-back. Many things can cause Spinal Stenosis. Some people are born with it and this gradually progresses as they age. But, for most people it is a result of the aging process of the spine. As we age, the spine begins to deteriorate, including the discs (the cushioning between the vertebrae), the facet joints (the joints that connect the vertebrae),  and the ligaments that connect them.  Over time, the space available for the spinal cord and nerve roots diminishes to the point where it can cause pain, neurologic loss, and disability.

Some symptoms of Spinal Stenosis are:

  • Pain (either in the low-back, legs, or both)

  • Sciatic pain (sciatica) radiating across the hip and down the leg

  • Numbness or weakness of the legs and/or arms

  • Pins and needles sensations in the extremities

  • Loss of bladder control

  • Less sensory sensitivity

  • Difficulty walking

  • Erectile dysfunction

  • Abnormal gait

  • Balance problems

  • Bowel problems

  • Instability

  • Neurogenic claudication

All of these symptoms are signs of compression of the spinal cord and/or nerve roots. If left untreated, it can cause severe disability with the potential of being wheel chair bound.

Dr. Jacob Rosenstein, after careful and extensive study of anatomy and diagnostic scans over many years, has perfected his treatment for Spinal Stenosis using various surgical techniques. At the Center For Spinal Stenosis, Dr. Rosenstein will determine the best treatment for you based on your specific set of circumstances and do his best to relieve your pain and suffering and get you back to your old self.

The Goal of Surgery

Back pain

Surgery can seem like a daunting endeavor – but, it does not have to be. Dr. Rosenstein ensures there is no guess work in the equation. With excellence and experience comes assurance that your procedure will be performed with precision and care so you do not have to worry.  At The Center For Spinal Stenosis, Dr. Jacob Rosenstein ensures that surgery does not have to be scary or have long recovery times.

The goal of surgery is to relieve pressure on the spinal cord and nerve roots. By relieving this pressure, it enables the nerves and spinal cord to recover and heal thereby, relieving your symptoms and returning you to a more normal life.

Many patients come to the Center For Spinal Stenosis after other treatments and surgeries have been unsuccessful. Don’t waste your time. Come to the expert with the most experience. Dr. Rosenstein will take a careful history, perform a neurological exam, review your past records, and diagnostic studies and formulate a personalized treatment plan.